BALLET AUDITION:Stadttheater Gießen(ギーセン州立劇場)

バレエ団オーディション2023/24シーズン 最新バレエ団オーディション情報

BALLET AUDITION 23/24 SEASON: Stadttheater Gießen(ギーセン州立劇場)






studio of Tanzensemble Gießen (Bahnhofstraße 9, 35390 Gießen)







The new dance ensemble at Stadttheater Gießen is looking for a male presenting/identifying dancer or physical theatre performer as a new full-time ensemble member for the upcoming season 2023/24 (Pre-rehearsals start in June 2023).

Moreover, the direction aims to get to know male presenting performers for future engagements. 

We are looking for:

  • Professional dance/physical theatre artists who have a solid movement and performance practice and / or an education or extensive experience in contemporary dance or physical theatre.
  • Proficiency in contemporary dance techniques floor work, soft acrobatics, proficiency to explore and perform different movement qualities. Proficiency in other techniques (Classical, Modern, Urban Styles, etc.) is welcomed.
  • Experience and interest in performative and acting forms of expression and an interest in using voice and text on stage.
  • Autonomous and inquisitive professionals deeply interested in research, interdisciplinary collaboration and collective creation processes.
  • Communicative people who are peace-seeking, generous and sensitive to the needs of other individuals and the group. Passionate about collaboration and sharing a journey with others.

We actively welcome applications from all people regardless of cultural and social background. We embrace all ages, body shapes, races, religions, abilities and sexual orientations.

Audition (by invitation only) on 2nd & 3rd June 2023 in the studio of Tanzensemble Gießen (Bahnhofstraße 9, 35390 Gießen).

A detailed schedule will be sent with the invitation. 

To apply please fill the following application form:

In the form you will be required to provide a CV, 2 Photos (headshot and full body), 1-2 video links of your work (no longer than 3 minutes each), and confirmation of availability to attend the audition dates. 

Application Deadline: 14th May 2023 We aim to invite a small group of applicants.

All applicants will be notified by 19th May 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact us by emailing

Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse travel expenses and accommodation for the audition. 
Employment is based on a 2 years contract beginning 1st of September 2023; A specific contract will be issued for the Pre-rehearsals this season. The employment relationship will be subject to the collective agreement provisions of the NV-Bühne Solo. 




The Dance Company Gießen/Stadttheater Gießen is looking for 2022/23 for Dancers / Physical Theatre Performers (f/m/d).

What we expect:

  • an education or extensive experience in contemporary dance or physical theatre,
  • experience with performative and acting forms of expression,
  • experience with and interest in the use of voice and text on stage,
  • interest in interdisciplinary collaboration and in collective creation ("devising process") as well as
  • a desire to deeply explore the content of the pieces

Audition (by invitation only)

On 15th & 16th May 2022 at Ringlokschuppen Ruhr/ Mülheim a.d. Ruhr

Please send your application (CV, photo, video links with work samples) by 4th May 2022 to: audition(at)

Travel expenses cannot be covered.We offer a 2 years contract beginning 1st of September 2022. The employment relationship will be subject to the collective agreement provisions of the NV-Bühne.






  • シンプルで魅力なCV(英文履歴書)の作成や添削指導
  • 顔写真(ヘッドショット)やダンス写真の作成指導
  • オーディション用ビデオの撮影、編集のお手伝い
  • オーディションに関連する踊りのアドバイス
  • 応募メールの作成や添削指導
  • プライベートオーディションのコツを伝授
  • 世界中のバレエ団やオーディションの情報を提供
  • 現地オーディションのスケジュール作りのお手伝い
  • (特典)『世界のバレエ団・ダンスカンパニーリスト』無償提供
  • (特典)『2023/24シーズンのバレエ団オーディション情報まとめ』無償提供
  • (特典)『バレエ団オーディション攻略法』無償提供


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