BALLET AUDITION:Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company(ドレスデンフランクフルトダンスカンパニー)

ballet audition 2023/24 season

BALLET AUDITION 23/24 SEASON: Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company(ドレスデンフランクフルトダンスカンパニー)


バレエ団オーディション2023/24シーズン:Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company

ドイツの都市フランクフルトに拠点を置くDresden Frankfurt Dance Companyが、2023/24シーズンから働くことができる女性ダンサー・男性ダンサーを探しています。




Schmidtstraße 12, 60326 Frankfurt am Main, Germany





Audition Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company season 2023/2024

To be a good artist is not enough, you also have to be a good and caring person!

The Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company is looking for male, female and nonbinary dancers for its new ensemble, which will be formed under the artistic direction of Ioannis Mandafounis.

We are seeking dancers with extensive experience in improvisation and with a strong contemporary dance technique.

Ballet technique is not required, but if you are a ballet dancer who is also skilled in improvisation we would still love to hear from you.

Dancers with other backgrounds are also encouraged to apply, however, you need to master your dance craft at a very high level.

Stamina and endurance as well as mental and emotional strength are essential, regardless of your dance background, and communication skills are of prime importance.

In order to apply, please send us the following:

  • A bullet point CV detailing your studies and your dance career (Name of school + location, dates attended, your age while attending).
  • Please keep your CV short and to the point, no more than 2 A4 pages.
  • A clear video of yourself dancing, maximum 5 minutes in duration, unedited.
  • A clear video of yourself doing dance improvisation, minimum 15 minutes in duration, unedited.

If you are also a creator/choreographer please list your pieces (title, coproducers, performance/touring dates + video links).

If you have other relevant knowledge or experience please note it in one word only, for example sing, play instrument, teach.

No students will be accepted at the audition, we are only seeking professional dancers with a substantial career. There will be a separate call for apprentices in due course.

Our dancers will be asked to:

  • Perform in the 3 yearly programs.
  • Perform a minimum of 48 shows between Dresden and Frankfurt.
  • Tour internationally (these shows will be in addition to the 48 shows in Dresden and Frankfurt).
  • Perform in a theatrical context and in non-theatrical contexts such as: social contexts, outdoors, in any weather condition, in any geographic setting as well as perform long durational works.
  • Participate in the company’s outreach and education program by teaching workshops, masterclasses etc.  
  • Teach and share their practice and the company’s practice with artists from within the company and from outside of the company.
  • Create and collaborate with the other company members and with artists from outside the company

Important information

Contract: We will offer one-year seasonal contracts plus preparation contract.

The new ensemble will start rehearsing 17 July 2023. We hope to build long-term working relationships.

Base: Frankfurt and Dresden / Germany

Audition dates: 2, 3 and 4 December 2022

Audition place: Schmidtstraße 12, 60326 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

During the audition, candidates must adhere to Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company’s hygiene regulations.



\ バレエ留学やバレエ団オーディションのお悩みを一気に解決!! /





  • コンクールでバレエ学校から入学許可を頂いたけど、行くかどうか迷っている
  • どのバレエ学校に行けば、自分の将来の可能性は広がるのか?
  • バレエ団に入団してバレエダンサーとして活動していきたいけど、今から自分は何をするべきなのか?
  • なかなかバレエ団の就職活動が上手くいかないです。どうしたら良いですか?
  • おすすめのオーディションは?














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